As a Registered Investment Advisor, Barkey Financial has always embraced a fee-only approach to working with clients.

Financial Advisor Services Offered With Barkey Financial:

  • Advisory Services — Personalized investment advisory services to individuals, pension and profit-sharing plans, trust, estates, charitable organizations, corporations, and other business entities.
  • Portfolio Management Services — Discretionary portfolio management services on a continuous basis. Custom tailored to meet your needs and investment objectives.
  • Consulting Services — Some clients are in need of general consulting services and do not need continuous portfolio management. Such services include assistance in financial/investment decision-making, review of existing portfolio, charitable gift planning functions, or more general advice.

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Where To Find Harrisonburg, VA's Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Remember the days when you could retire and look forward to spending the remainder of your days in relative comfort?

You could rely on your pension, Soc ial Security, and the flow of dividends and interest from conservative, safe stocks and bonds.

Those were the good old days!

Where To Find Harrisonburg, VA's Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Times have definitely changed. Today, we have:

  • A volatile stock market
  • The possibility of Social Security and Medicare cutbacks
  • Poor bond yields
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • The phasing out of pensions in favor of 401(k) plans

And Americans are living longer.

Instead of expecting retirement to last 12-15 years, the average retirement can last as long as 30 years with retirees far more active than a generation ago.

Is it any wonder that personal financial planning now requires more thought and more expert financial advice than ever before?

The Biggest Question I Hear About Planning For Retirement

How a Financial Advisor can help you!

Because of the jump in life expectancy and the volatility of the market, preparing for their kids' college education, and saving for their own future, many pre-retirees ask, "At this rate, how will we make ends meet when we do retire?"

They are naturally concerned about their finances.

To complicate matters further, the Department of Labor's new fiduciary rule can make getting sound retirement advice harder and more expensive to get.

In order to comply with this new ruling, advisors and broker/dealers managing retirement assets must either move to a fee-based compensation model or sign a DOL "best-interest contract exemption," or BICE, with clients.

BICE stipulates that investment advisors can only earn "reasonable compensation" on non-fee-based products. If a client feels that their best interests have been violated, they can file a class action lawsuit.

Why A Fee-Based Financial Advisor Works Only For You

At Barkey Financial, I've always kept my relationship with clients simple and straightforward. Building and preserving trust right from the start is priority #1 with me.

That means:

  • I have a fiduciary responsibility to act in my clients' best interest
  • I do not accept any fee or compensation that is based on product sales

Why A Fee-Based Financial Advisor Works Only For You

With this approach to managing your money, there are fewer inherent conflicts of interest, which allows me to provide you with more comprehensive service.

With commission-based agents and brokers, the ultimate decision on how to handle your money is tied to specific products and transactions. How does that translate to what the client truly needs?

Additionally, when you choose a fee-only financial advisor, there are no surrender charges, lockup periods, or financial hooks. You can terminate your service at any time.

Answering The Big Financial Questions

Answering The Big Financial Questions

Barkey Financial answers all of your big questions, choosing financial options that benefit you, not me.

Questions like:

  • "We've got kids to put through college, how can we save for retirement, too?"
  • "Do we need to change any of our spending habits now so that are retirement is more comfortable?"
  • "Is our current financial portfolio working as hard as it can for us?"

We'll discuss your current investment portfolio, possible budgeting changes, and how to keep growing your money.

As a fee-only advisor, there is never a question about where my interests lie—I work on your behalf always.

How I Get Paid As A Fee-Only Financial Advisor

The primary fee structure is based on managing all of a client's finances, with a percentage charged for the assets under management.

Barkey Financial does not render legal, tax, or accounting advice. At your request, Barkey Financial will provide professional references in these and associated areas.

What To Do Next

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